First, what is DASA?

“We are a Dasa. A new model that expands and integrates health care throughout your life. We bring together the largest network of diagnostic medicine, a robust hospital group and the best care management company, so you don't miss anything and take care of everything. We connect spaces, technologies, knowledge, multiply specialties and become a complete company, alive and on the move, always evolving. We develop the best in technology and health with new digital solutions that we seek in the market, via open innovation and in Dasa startups. Today we are more than 40 thousand professionals ready to serve‌ ‌every‌ ‌your‌ in health. We are for you. A comprehensive health network with a great ‌purpose, which is to make you experience your best health every day.”

Dasa website
Image used on the Dasa website, in the part of who we are, in the year 2022
Image used on the Dasa website, in the part of who we are, in the year 2022
My job here was...

I was responsible for creating a dashboard for DASA's customers to see their health expenditures for their employees and if all these exams, consultations, and surgeries are real and not frauds.

The problem

My dashboard needs to show all the algorithms that DASA offers to its customers, if the customer has bought all the algorithms, he sees all the algorithms, otherwise he only sees what he bought, but he can buy new analyses. In addition, we need filters for health plans, some DASA customers use more than one health plan within their company, so each algorithm can have two sources, from two different health plans. Big numbers are welcome too.


I designed a dashboard capable of showing some interesting big numbers, showing the contracted algorithms, showing a possibility to buy more algorithms and the possibility of filtering by health plan and dates.

Example dashboard first prototype for IA analyses
Example dashboard first prototype for IA analyses