Porto Seguro Carro Fácil

First, what is Porto Seguro Carro Fácil?

Porto Seguro Carro Fácil is a Porto Seguro company that offers the possibility of having your car by subscription, like netflix.

Porto Seguro Carro Fácil current website
My job here was...

I worked as a product and frontend designer, I was responsible for finding a design solution that would increase the site's conversion performance.

The problem

The website at the time I took this job was very messy, the prices of the cars were hidden and to find out you had to do a purchase versus financing simulation, it was a slow and non-intuitive experience and in the end the price difference wasn't even that big, the advantages of signing a car were not clear, and the product, which is something with premium value, did not have that face, there was also no online checkout, you had to send an email.

The solution

I created a page with a more 'premium' look and with the prices open right away, but along with the great advantages and ease of signing a car with Porto Seguro Carro Fácil, I used the images of the cars together with a more black look. The direct online checkout was not possible due to bureaucratic reasons, but just with the changes I made and 10% of the current website traffic I increased 350%-400% the click on the buy button, purchase intention.

Porto Seguro Carro Faácil
Porto Seguro Carro Fácil